MINI pet friendly: Tips for travelling with your pet



An adventure trip in your MINI is always an excellent opportunity to enjoy your special moment, and it can be even better when you travel with your four-legged best friend, who will follow you unconditionally to the ends of the earth. Although it’s a great idea, you also have to know how to do it responsibly and carefully, in order to protect him.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your adventures with your pet in your MINI.

His first trip

Some pets may take a while to get the hang of travelling in a car, which can cause stress and motion sickness as they get used to it; try not to make their first trips too long or with drastic changes in speed and direction – their stomach and the seams and seats of your vehicle will thank you for it. And if there is an accident, or if the adventure included playing in mud, taking a dip or playing in sand or dirt, your furry friend may get your car’s interior a little dirty, so read: Find out how to wash your MINI better than ever.

A journey without a co-pilot

We know he loves the speed of your MINI as much as you do, and enjoys sticking his head out of the window; however, having him ride in the passenger seat could be a bad experience for both of you, especially if he tries to climb onto your lap while you’re driving. Ideally, he or she should ride in the back seats with appropriate safety precautions.

Safety first

You may want him to enjoy the scenery, so carrying him in a transport cage may not be the best option for his safety; fortunately, you can secure him with a special travel carrier to the seat belts, preventing him from losing his balance or getting bumped during one of those quick turns that are so common on journeys.

Protect your pet

If he is already securely fastened in the back seats, but you still want him to enjoy the scenery, we recommend that you do not allow him to stick his head out during fast rides, as dust or flying materials could hurt his eyes or nose; it will also prevent branches from hitting him.

After giving you these small but necessary tips, we can only wish you and your pet a bon voyage!

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