Discover how to wash your MINI


Discover how to wash your MINI. Giving our MINI a thorough cleaning is a task that we can’t always achieve, finding free time to dedicate to the care of our car seems to be more and more difficult due to the pace of life. So you have to know how to plan ahead and take advantage of those moments of respite to give our favourite vehicle a nice look.

Want to know how to give your MINI a SPA session? We’ll tell you below.

Start from the inside out

The interior of your MINI may be the least tidy and cleanest part of your car as it’s an almost intimate space that car wash services often don’t have access to. That’s why you need to start here, removing all items that aren’t absolutely necessary, such as bags, clothes, containers, magazines, etc.

Follow this up with a vacuuming that includes going under the seats and floor mats, although they will also appreciate a brushing. You can use compressed air to blow dust and dirt out of the air conditioning vents. If the seats contain stains from spilled liquids, an injection machine cleaning may remove them.

Now go from front to back

Once the interior is shiny, we must move on to cleaning the bodywork. Use a special car sponge, as other materials may damage the paintwork rather than clean it. Dish soap may remove the protective layer of wax that coats the paintwork, so avoid using it; use a special car soap instead. Don’t forget to wash the windows inside and out and you can use a wheel cleaning brush.


After using soap and water on the bodywork you should use a microfibre cloth to dry it, this will prevent water spots from appearing on the paintwork and the paintwork will not tear. For tyre cleaning, a cleaner with less acid is better, so that the colour and shine is not lost every time you wash the tyres.

Lacking a little shine?

There are many factors that take the shine off your paintwork, such as the weather or debris that penetrates the paintwork. If your MINI has lost a little shine, it’s time to give it a polish with car wax and start getting it back to shine. It’s best to apply two coats of wax for extra protection of all exterior areas and polish it thoroughly in circular motions – a polishing machine is not necessary.

It is recommended that this last step is carried out every 4 months to avoid damaging the paintwork with polishing.

Your MINI will be happy with this care to help it stay looking dazzling for a long time to come.


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